Friday, March 6, 2009

New World Order!

Everyone is listening about the so called 'Economic Meltdown', the global financial crisis. So what do all these dark economic predictions mean, what are the consequences for the common global citizens, how will we survive? Fact is, that all major economies in the world are facing an alarming decrease of consumption and production. The whole thing shall have been initially started by the breakdown of the American Loan System, having lent to much money to people who are not able to pay back.

How can it be, that faulty American loans decrease consumption in all major economies over the world? How can it be, that falling stock markets, bankrupt banks and rising interest rates result in such a massive change of the global economy? Isn't the world's production and consumption based on our needs? Isn't the value of economies based on their productive power, on the knowledge and manpower they have?

It looks to me as if something bigger is behind the whole thing now named 'economic meltdown'. The 'developed' world has since decades lived on a level of consumption which was no longer related to the real needs.

Luxury and expression of wealth were the main motors behind our economic success in the last three decades. Goods we bought did no longer have the quality like in the post-war period. A modern car breaks down after ten years instead of thirty, our shoes are no longer good for even two years instead of five or more, houses built in the last decades show signs of weakness already after a few years instead of being built for centuries.

Our whole industry is based on artificial degradation of goods in a fast period of time to increase consumption. Huge amounts of goods are simply produced to be wasted in the next moment. All this happens on the backdrop of an ever increasing world population, thus creating tensions, as the so called developing nations are demanding more from the pool of global resources, as more and more humans are longing for more luxuries.

The whole spiraling development goes in an unhealthy direction and experts have already been predicting wars for the remaining resources in the near future. But psychologically there has been a parallel development in the Western societies over the last three decades. Starting with the first 'oil crisis' in the seventies, more and more people became conscious about the effects of global interdependency. Ecologic thinking has taken roots in most of the well educated societies of the western world and slowly but surely a movement for a more balanced world has been taking shape.

Still the promoters of a rulership of the wealthy ones, of the old, wasting lifestyle of an economy based on unfair distribution of resources and on waste, are in the position to impose their solutions for the recent crisis on the world, but their time has come.

Nature doesn't accept waste, nature is a system capable of rebalancing and we are now witnessing the start of a rebalancing process on a global scale. As human race is an integral part of nature and not the ruler of the whole system of life on this planet we will be forced to adapt to a new time. This new time will have different conditions.

The time for imperialist exploitation of resources is finishing, the time to conquer and rule by military and economic means is finishing in these moments of global crisis. We are facing the breakdown of a system that simply has reached the end of its utility.

So will this be the end for human civilization? No, we don't need to be afraid. Every end is the dawning of something new. A new world order has to be developed and formulated in terms that every global citizen can understand and accept.

A culture of balancing, of sharing and of true mutual respect will be created. For such a new concept we need courage, we need the trust, that our planet, the tiny spaceship we are traveling on, is having enough resources to feed us and our offspring, if we are able to live together in a more civilized, more humane way.

We have to organize ourselves in a new way. The old identification with our states, our nations is no longer useful, we must organize ourselves globally along the lines of our cultures. We have to change the rules of our economies. Profit may no longer be the guiding motive, sustainability, ecology and longevity must be the new guidelines of economic interaction. Focus of all our political and economic actions must be the welfare and progress of all and not the advance of a few.

By letting ourselves be guided by such principles we will be able to take the downfall of the old imperialistic, capitalistic system as what it is, the dawning of a new, just and balanced world order.