Friday, November 20, 2009

Yurgan in Nepal 2009, week nine, impressions

Hariram Parajuli

Grandfather Parajuli, 92 years old

talking to a really old man


Krishna Parajuli

Ramkumar Khatri

Resham Prasad Parajuli, a serious farmer

Nepali are mobile-crazy

Yurgan, Krishna, Ramkumar

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yurgan in Nepal, week eight, impressions

Yurgan in Nepal 2009, the day the dozer came to Roshi Bazar

Things here in Nepal are changing fast sometimes.
It has been three days since the dozer came to my village
to widen the road so that the trucks,
carrying stones can pass the village easier.

Here are impressions of that day...

Suntali looking full of suspicion

The tap might fall prey to the trucks

The dozer is approaching

last discussions

built in years, gone in a minute

Now we have a big street in the village, but no more tap in front of the teashop...