Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yurgan in Nepal 2009, visit to Chitwan

traveling from Janakpur to Chitwan in a crowded public bus

finding a really nice hotel

enjoying the sunset at the river after a hot day

elephants waiting to transport tourists into the jungle

beautiful nature

mother and child, some of the last wild rhinos

Ramkumar and me on an elephant in the jungle

really old trees

Yurgan in Nepal 2009, Janakpur videos

Yurgan in Nepal 2009, visit to Janakpur

Yurgan in Nepal 2009, sixth week impressions

Sudip is cutting wood, it is colder now in the morning and evening

Buddha Tamang visited me

girls sharing a coke

she asked me to take her photo

Malati and Krishika in the ricefield

harvesting rice

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yurgan in Nepal 2009, 'Tihar' the festival of light

singing and dancing 'Deushire'

playing Madal

lots of fun

Bhai Tikka, the day of worshipping brother-sister relation

getting Tikka from the sisters

Lamichhane family after the pooja

Navaraj Lamichhane

Laxmi Acharya


Yurgan + Krishna Chaurel

receiving Tikka

being worshipped by six sisters

seven colours make a special nice Tikka

after getting Tikka

and even another colour

then the brothers give Tikka to the sisters

Parmilla + Aarun

Sagar eating sweets

Krishika plays ...

... and looks ...

... and thinks

Urmilla and Krishika


Chaurel family after the pooja

Malati and Krishika